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Mokai Lounge

A stylish crowd parties to a variety of music at this small, glamorous space with chandelier pit.

Venue Description

Featuring “Alice in Wonderland” array of custom-designed chandeliers. Mokai Lounge embraces modern New York sensibility and Miami joie de vivre.

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Featuring eye popping black leather sofas, black lacquered walls, lipstick-pink panels, and an “Carousel” themed design. Mokai features a modern New York sensibility and Miami joie de vivre, other eye candy elements featured in Mokai’s design include a collector’s selection of art and fashion photography, and contemporary Moroccan lattice work.

Mokai’s grand showcase bar is the focal point of this hot-spot, featuring a dramatic back bar display for bottles and glassware, and adorned with ornate floral arrangements and greenery. At just 4,000 square feet of party, events, and dance space – and with capacity capped at 220 club-happy patrons, the lounge is an intimate departure from the same camp that brought you Mynt.

DJs spin the latest house and hip-hop music as the lucky 220 inside can kick their feet up on wooden ottomans, lay back against brick walls, and admire the “Lord of the Rings” vibe.

Mokai’s grand showcase bar is the focal point of this hot-spot, featuring a dramatic backbar display for bottles and glassware. Guests are invited to drink a variety of spirits and champagnes at the bar, or servers donning La Femme Nikita attire and Mad Max-inspired uniforms provide VIP table service with packages available.

The DJ booth reign’s supreme at Mokai, where hip hop, rock and house music formats are spun by a celebrated collection of top DJs nightly. Frequented by celebrities like to let loose in Mokai’s festive setting, perfect for a special event and new years eve countdowns.

The servers are regularly dressed in outlandish, post-apocalyptic or superhero inspired outfits that are as crazy as they are sexy. The performers are even better, in an assortment of themed outfits as they dance on stage and swing from the poles. The energy in this sexy nightclub is positive and fun.

The venue itself combines old-school glamour with 80s funk and modern edge, for a truly luxurious, youthful, fun experience. Despite how big it feels on the inside, it actually only has a capacity for 220 guests, so make sure to get on the guest list and/or book a table if you want to get in! The one thing this guarantees is that Mokai gets one of the best crowds in Miami. And you can tell just by looking around that everyone next to you is a somebody.

With years of event experience, our VIP Nightlife team can help take your ideas from an inspiration to a fully executed, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Let us plan your next great Miami day or night out. Call us quick and easy at (305) 747-7660. We’d love to hear from you!

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Venue Vitals

WHAT to know

Music: mostly Hip-Hop
Best for: Groups, Singles
Average Line: 20-45min

Attire: Classy, Upscale
Price: $$$ (Pricey)
Capacity: 220

WHEN to visit

Hours of Operation
Mon, Wed, Fri-Sun
11:00PM – 5:00AM

WHERE to go

Mokai Lounge
235 23rd St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Expert Tips

  • Location: Mokai Lounge is located at 23rd and Liberty in South Beach.
  • Arrive early to avoid long lines.
  • It’s more of lounge than club; no real dance floor.
  • The sound system is great and the venue brings an amazing vibe full of people stoked on the live Music going on that night.
  • Whether electronic, hip hop, or heavy metal these guys always seem to pack the house yet still stay on top of service even on busy nights.
  • Admission: Cover charge is usually $30-50 depending on the night and how busy it is.
  • Drink Prices: Drinks are expensive here; at $15-$20 per drink.
  • Best table location: If you’re looking to be the center of attention, getting a dance floor table will help you accomplish that but will cost you.
  • Best nights to go: Fridays and Saturdays always best!
  • Bottle/ table service minimum: Depending on the size of your group and the night (if it’s a big name DJ), tables can start at a $1000 minimum and go up. If you want a prime table, you’re looking upwards of $2500.
  • Parking: Street, parking lot and valet parking.
  • Coat Check: No.

The Scene

Mokai Lounge Party Pics

Dress Code

HOW to dress

Dress code is strictly enforced; so dress to impress! Collared shirt / jeans / dress shoes for guys. Avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (e.g. track suits, jerseys, sneakers, hats, etc). * Heels are mandatory for women.